Committee Members

The club is run by a committee of volunteers. We don’t get paid, and we all have to pay our own membership fees too! This page is to tell you a bit about the various roles, and who currently does them. Where people have more than one role, their picture is shown only once – alongside the description of their primary role.

Chairman – Nigel Wooltorton

The ambassador and spokesperson for the club. Chairs committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting, and ensures that appropriate documents (including minutes) are available for committee members.

Ensures that committee members are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and has an understanding of the club development, governance and constitution.

May be called upon to act as a mediator.

Treasurer – Nigel Perry

Responsible for ensuring that all money coming into and going out of the club is properly accounted for.

Ensures that all the bills are paid on time. These include the clubroom rental, electricity bills, Canal Society membership fees and British Canoeing affiliation fees.

Approves expenditure on new equipment to make sure the club stays within the budget.

At the end of each year, prepares a statement of the years financial activities to be presented at the annual meeting and agreed by the club members.

Membership Secretary – vacant

Responsible for maintaining the membership list, sending out renewal invitations, and passing on membership details to our parent organisation, the Coventry Canal Society.

Passes on membership fees to the treasurer, and requests the treasurer to make membership payments to the Canal Society.

Club Manager – Mike Fitzsimons

Responsible for maintaining an inventory of club equipment, and ensuring that any damaged equipment is replaced or repaired.

Produces the duty rota for key holders.

Welfare Officer – Jo Wood

Supports the registration of all personnel involved in activities for young people within the club (DBS checks).

Distributes/displays leaflets/codes of conduct to members, parents and young people.

Advises on the development of activities for young people within the club.

Receives, records and passes on to the NGB Child Protection Officer, any concerns relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults.

Keeps up to date with child protection policies and procedures and Criminal Records checks.

Deals with confidential matters and sensitive issues.

Volunteer Rep – Simon Butler

Gets to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers and acts as their main contact within the club.

Ensures that all volunteer jobs have a Role Outline.

Coordinates the implementation of the volunteer recruitment, training and support plans.

Works to organise the recruitment of volunteers.

Canal Society Rep – Nigel Wooltorton

Represents the interests of Mercia Canoe Club to Coventry Canal Society, and acts as an elected member on the Coventry Canal Society Exec Committee.

Youth Rep – Bayleigh Williams

Advises on the development of activities for young people within the club.

Gets to know young paddlers in the club and is their main contact.

Webmaster – Nigel Perry

Looks after the club website, ensuring that the domain is renewed, the hosting fees are paid, and that the website is kept operational and up-to-date, and gives a good and accurate impression of the club.

If you think the Webmaster is failing at this job, let him know using the email link on the contact page or tell him to his face!