Draft Pages

Please add links to any new or modified pages for review here. This page is publicly viewable, but is not linked from anywhere on the live site, and will not be indexed by well-behaved search engines, so only people who know the page address should be able to see it. This means, of course, that you need to bookmark it so that you can find it again!

I’ve provided an initial set of links to draft pages below, based on Nigel W’s proposed changes. Note that the front page in particular needs more work!

I’ve made it possible to comment on these pages, so I suggest that this is the best way to review them.

These pages can be edited by anyone with the requisite privileges. Once agreed, I can replaced the live pages with the modified versions. If you create any additional draft pages, please link to them from this page, tick the “Search Exclude” box, and add the word “DRAFT” to the title.

Front page

Quick Overview

Committee Members

Avon Descent

Organisation and Membership

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