Is It Flashing?

… was what I kept asking people about the strange object attached to my helmet.

That’s because Sunday’s trip to the Dee below Llangollen (Matlock was cancelled due to a fishing competition) also marked the début river trip for the new club camera, a GoPro HD Hero 2, and I needed constant reassurance that it was working! Worried about the adhesive pad on my helmet coming adrift, I had stuck a bright orange “floaty back” to the case, and improvised a leash out of an old pull cord. Belt and braces. As it turns out, it was fine, and the water wasn’t fierce enough to provoke one of my periodic inspections of the river bed with my head. Although it would have given an interesting new perspective.

Paddlers for the day were myself, Nigel W, Jo, Tim, Nick, Adam and Aaron. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, but it was rather cold! Fortunately, everyone had brought pogies apart from Nick, who wished he had. At some point (honestly!) I will get round to editing down the 90 minutes of video (I wanted to see how long the battery would last) to something worth watching, but in the meantime I’ve grabbed a few frames to give a flavour of the trip – these are in the photo gallery. Here’s a selection:

2 thoughts on “Is It Flashing?

  1. Apparently so…

    I need to remember never to hum while wearing a video camera on my head. It’s very irritating to listen to. Anyway, what was your excuse for non-attendance?