River Banwy

Sunday 13th January saw eight of us heading for Mid Wales and the Banwy. This was a wide but shallow river which although high wasn’t flooded in the trees. The top section from Llanerfyl to the steam train station at Llanfair Caereinion proved to be the best, with a chance to practice breakouts and ferry glides. It was ideal for the group and a new river always has the novelty of working out what is round the corner. In this case it was a massive tree blocking the river right channel, which required a sneaky shoot through the island to avoid. One swimmer and a couple of wobbles. The lower section which Mike, Jo and myself did because it was there, was mainly fast and flat with a couple of weir sections pushing up the grade a bit. We stopped and spoke to a chap on the bank who was concerned about some more large trees that were wrapped around a bridge just before the river joined the Vrynwy and took us to the get out.