Mercia team completes Coventry Canal challenge. Or do they…?

The team of two Mikes, Sarah and Nigel overcame a major hurdle in order to complete the fourth and last leg of their epic paddle from Coventry to Fradley, covering the full 38 mile length of the Coventry Canal. The weather got us last time out but this time it was the dreaded ‘dewatering’, a fiendish attempt by British Waterways to test our resolve. Having paddled half way from Hopwas to Fradley, we approached the Lichfield cruising club at Huddlesford, to find 1/8th of a mile section with no water. We tried various routes to get round it but in the end had to walk down the road and were lucky to be able to launch around the corner. We paddled back as far as we could and if anyone wants to debate whether or not we have completed our challenge, they are welcome to buy me a beer and discuss the technical merits. On average we paddled just 5 miles per month but that was more to do with completing the last 8.5 mile leg in December, having started the first in April. For those interested the bridge numbering system started again where it had left off and finished at around 91A.

(Personally, I think this lacuna makes the challenge null and void and they should try again next year! – NJP)