Club camera makes debut trip to Stratford

Having taken numerous successful photos of Nigel’s spraydeck at the Basin, it was time to take our new camera on a trip. Accompanied by eight paddlers, the camera was secured and headed for the weir. The main weir had a small but sticky stopper with just a couple of spots to escape the clutches. An early casualty was a young slalom paddler from another club, who despite hanging on to the bow of another boat, just could not get out. Your Chairman got out of his boat and saved the day from the wall, by giving the bow of the boat a gentle nudge from his foot. Once he knew how to get out, Alistair soon found that he could relax in the stopper. Later, Nigel struggled to stay in the stopper when paddling the Blaze.

We shot the second drop a couple of times. Gary went for a dip whilst playing below the drop. We also set up a synchronised seal launch in to the lock cut. Robert managed a swim at some point. We need a neoprene case to protect the camera from bumps etc but overall I was impressed. It was light, waterproof, with a clear screen and with sufficient memory to film several minutes of paddling, from various angles. Nigel intends to extract the still frame shots from this.

[He has. The first results can be seen in the photo gallery. Note that these are all still frames extracted from the movies, so the resolution is much lower than normal photos. The advantage is the ability to capture the exact moment you want. I expect later attempts to make more varied use of the camera’s modes! I’ll upload some movie clips later – NJP 09/09/2007]

3 thoughts on “Club camera makes debut trip to Stratford

  1. Only thing I would say is the front page looks a little too busy, perhaps we would reduce the number of bullet points to the essential information is what time where etc further details are found in the overview pages

  2. This structure has recently been refurbished and the artwork painted over…doh!!!

  3. “Why not cycle down?” – obvious question, where can bikes be left?

    Less than a 10 minute walk from bus station or centre of Coventry ??

    “Club coaches are recognised by the national governing body, the British Canoeing and” – don’t need last “the”

    Gift Vouchers – “payment by bank transfer” – add “or cheque” surely!