Fun Day Videos

I finally got around to editing and uploading the Head Cam videos (Adam Cam and Perry Cam) from the inaugural Mercia Fun Day on 26th August.They give a flavour of the fun that all you members who didn’t show up missed. I’ve also added a new menu option under “Pictures” to our YouTube channel.

The first challenge involved Big Adam’s magnificent Duct Tape Kayak, which we all managed to paddle without falling in, despite the size being optimised for Sue. Nick came closest to disaster, on account of not being able to get his legs inside:

The balloon game was good fun, though I couldn’t work out how balloons that seemed to spontaneously explode while you were attaching them to your boat miraculously became near-indestructible when you tried to burst them with  a paddle:

Gunwhale bobbing, in which you attempt to propel an open canoe by balancing  precariously on the sides of the boat and bouncing up and down was attempted by several, with reasonable success:

General foolishness was also in evidence. It turns out that teenagers can jump further than you might think:

Adam tried out his freestyle moves with a camera attached to his helmet, so we get to see it from his point of view:

Finally, some stills:

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