Deputy Racing Correspondent report

The Mercia racing squad was reduced to four paddlers at the Burton event in June. The river Trent was high, with a strong flow and some well defined currents to read and use. This proved the undoing of many and fell into the hands of the more experienced. Aaron and Adam struggled to make headway upstream to the turn and keep up their speed, both slipping back from promising starts. Having spent many years training through the winter floods on the Thames and then the Avon at Bath, I relied on reading the water rather than pace. As a result I found myself in the lead off the start, something not experienced for a while, and later settled in for a third place. Subsequently after times were calculated, promotion followed to Div 4. I now have to follow in the wash of faster boats including Mike (not racing at Burton) and Laurence (paddling K2 with Ricky from Nottingham). Plans are also being made for a go at Sprint racing. The next Nottingham regatta in July is the target and 500/200m timed runs have been done on the canal. We have also resurrected the old race colours.

Full results here.