Paddling Light

Some more from paddlinglight playtesting. Ludic Rooms with Mercia Canoe Club have been playing with live projections of slow shutter camera feeds. A few screen caps. These incredible new landscapes emerge as the canoes pass. Neon birds over imagined horizon lines.

250th Anniversary

Mercia Paddlers gathered on 10th August 2019 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the first two canal boats travelling into Coventry, on the Coventry Canal. Bridge 1 is the entrance into the Canal Basin, at the end of the Coventry Canal, close to the City Centre.
The Coventry Mercury reported, on 10th August 1769, “two boats laden with coal were brought to this city from this side of Bedworth. Being the first ones, they were received with load cheers by a number of people who had assembled to witness their arrival.”
It is amazing to think about the history of this place and all the people that have travelled to and from Coventry, on the waterway. Members of the Canoe Club and visitors of all ages took to the water on a wild afternoon with challenging gusty winds.

Plastic Patrol

Mercia Canoe Club helped Plastic Patrol on Coventry Canal on Monday Aug 6. More plastic and rubbish taken out of the canal. Together we covered 2.5 miles from the City Centre. Thanks to Lizzie from and CRT for organising.

Coventry Canal Basin Plastic Patrol Event

Monday August 6th from 9:30 a.m. there is a litter pick event starting from the canal basin.

All you need to do is join Plastic Patrol in their efforts by collecting some of the rubbish you see along your way. Litter picker and refuse sacks will be supplied, and they’ll even dispose of the rubbish. Canoes and kayaks available for Mercia Paddlers.

See link for info

Lizzie Carr, Plastic Patrol